About Casita Mia

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Teacher Mia

I've always been drawn to language and learning about cultures around the world.

I studied International Studies and Spanish Language at Seattle University and completed my Master's in Teaching in 2010.

I live in Tacoma, WA with my husband and our 3 children. I've also lived abroad in Spain and El Salvador.

Teaching Spanish is so rewarding and fun. I love what I do!



Casita Mia means “my little house”.

I strive to ensure that my students feel welcomed, and at home in my classes. 

My hope is that students and caregivers leave my classes feeling excited about Spanish and empowered to engage with Spanish speakers the world over.

Teacher Mia playing a game with preschool students (and her baby daughter onlooking).


Whether Preschool, Elementary, or Parent-Child, Casita Mia classes all have one thing in common - Fun! And Spanish of course.

I base my teaching off of research in language acquisition, mimicking the way children naturally learn a first-language. Think of a toddler learning their first words - how do you teach them? Talk to them, read to them, sing to them, play with them! 

Another method you'll see in my classes is TPR (total physical response). We move our bodies as we sing songs, read stories, and play games. This helps learners create memories - in Spanish!   

My experience as an educator and mother guide me in creating emergent curriculum based on student interest, changing seasons, and various themes that keep learning relevant to children's lives.

meet our newest teacher, miss anna!


Anna Nieves-Herrera

Miss Anna has been exposed to Spanish language since she was very young - from her Puerto Rican side of the family.  She joined her father in his after-school Spanish club and took Spanish classes in high school. She continued to take Spanish in college, and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Justice from Greenville University, where she also took classes in child psychology. 

Later, Anna became involved in immigrant rights as she worked with undocumented populations in the Midwest. She has taken several courses in education and child development since then. 

Anna has been involved in childcare and early education for the last nine years, most recently as Yoga Wild’s “Studio Nanny.” I am so thrilled to have her join Casita Mia!

Anna lives in Tacoma with her son and husband. She is excited to teach Spanish; to get to be silly, and imaginative, to play and sing and tell stories - all while helping to make Spanish more wide-spread and accessible to children and parents. She believes that Spanish language is for everyone

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