Spanish Playgroup


This parent-child class is for littles ages 0-2 years old.

Bring your littlest language learners for 45 minutes of singing, stories, rhymes, and games.

Want to host a Spanish Playgroup in your home or daycare/preschool?

If you have a group of 5 or more children, contact teacher Mia to get a new group going!   


Preschool Spanish


Classes are fun and engaging for language learners ages 3-5 years old. 

Casita Mia classes keep kids interested with fun themes, games, music, and plenty of movement.

Covering similar topics and building on many of the skills children are already mastering in preschool keeps Spanish relevant for young learners. 

Greetings, calendar, the weather, colors, shapes, counting, and familiar stories, etc. - Students learn how to do them in Spanish too!

Classes currently offered at:

Arcadia Montessori School

Tacoma Children's School

Our Inn-Spiration II

Want to bring Spanish to your preschool?

Contact teacher Mia!  


Elementary Spanish


After-school elementary classes offer students in grades k-5 a jump-start on language learning!

Immersion-based learning, where 90% of the class is taught in Spanish mirrors natural language acquisition. This means students get lots of input through stories, songs, and games.

Classes follow a routine that gives students something predictable to rely on even when their teacher is speaking a "funny language".

By the end of the session Spanish won't sound so "funny" and your student will likely be speaking it at home!

Classes currently offered at:

Sherman Elementary